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Firehouse No.1 Gastropub

Surprisingly easy to make a reservation for a larger party on Saturday night via Yelp, although it was for later on in the evening. I am really enjoying the reservation feature on Yelp! If it's a warm evening,

Willow Glen Creamery

My other favorite flavors are tin roof sundae and strawberries and creme. I normally get a child or mini, which is more than enough for a sitting. You can choose up to two flavors but sometimes they let you choose three.

The City Fish

I love this place! It's a super casual atmosphere where you order at the counter and they being the food out to you. They have amazing fish n chips! They batter their fish tempura style, which makes for a perfectly crispy outside and soft succulent fish inside.

Q Pot Korean BBQ & Hot Pot

Good concept! You don't have to decide between hot pot or bbq you can just have both. If course you will end up overeating, it is a buffet afterall... and you'll stink like meat (they dont have good ventilation).but hey, once a while, why not?!

Smoking Pig BBQ

Came to Smoking Pig BBQ for lunch today and ordered the two sides: ribs and burnt ends with a kids meal.  Their burnt ends were literally smoking burnt and tasted delicious! Ribs that slid right off the bone and was juicy.

Gen Korean BBQ House

I'm not going to go into the specifics of items to order. It's all you can eat, so go crazy trying everything and deciding for yourself what you like. A word of advice though, sides aren't the best, but they do the job.

The Skip

The Skip is a really cute, casual bar that's great for groups.  We stumbled on it when we were looking for another bar, but we're glad we stopped in!  It's a cool little alley with a bunch of other bars, and there are cute lights set up all along the alley.

MIX Bricktown

Mix is a great spot.  I've enjoyed coming here for a good few years now, from back when it was Liv Resto-Lounge and now as the same owner rebranded it to Mix.  This is my go-to spot to come when I want to be out someplace hotter than a laid back bar


My BF and I were thoroughly impressed with Castalia. The concept is unique and a great experience - nothing else currently like it in Detroit. It resides in the basement of the building. Upstairs during the day is the Detroit fragrance store, Sfumato.

The Sugar House

My husband and I went to Sugar House for an after-dinner night cap. We had the absolute BEST bartender! I believe his name was Jake. He was super knowledgable, personable, and friendly.

Abick’s Bar

Let me set the summer Summer night in July needing a drink but somewhere that brings a vibe unlike your run of the mill bar or pub.  I had done my homework and just happened to have the top five oldest bars in Detroit

Candy Bar

The Candy Bar is a wonderful speakeasy hidden in the Siren Hotel (which is a little hidden itself).  You need to go through the hotel lobby and look for a big curtain in the back.  It is a really busy bar--there may be someone in front asking you to wait.

High Score eSports

It's not open for walk-ins, you HAVE to make a reservation for a party in order to get access. But seriously, from a kid's birthday party to a starting point (or even an entire night) of a bachelor party...this place should absolutely be on your list to consider.

Deluxx Fluxx

The whole thing is a pretty neat experience and it couldn't be in a better spot- located in Detroit's most popular alley, The Belt. Walking down the stairs into this retro atmopshere made me feel like I just immersed myself into the world of Blade Runner or Tron.

The Ghost Bar

It's seat yourself on a first come, first served basis. My party of 6 managed to find seating immediately, but snagged the last area for a group our size. There is a main room with the bar, which has a few tables, and two side rooms.